Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy 43rd Birthday To Me...

My birthday ended about 8 minutes ago. So, I am officially 43 years of age. I had many good wishes sent through Facebook from high school friends, fun gifts from current friends (like donuts from Heidi!), and a delightful afternoon spent with mom and Walt, who generously spoiled me with goodies this year. Then, I did something I should NOT have done. I read my senior year high school yearbook from cover to cover. I suddenly saw how far away those years, those faces, those hairlines, have gone. And then, I felt very, very old. It was nostalgic, bittersweet, funny, and something that was actually hard to do. Several teachers and friends have died, so they don't have a chance to sit on the floor near midnight of a birthday and reminisce like I did. Now I feel both older, and sadder, yet thrilled to have known so many wonderful people, many of whom contacted me today.

So, I leave you with some childhood photos taken long ago, although it seems like yesterday, and a quote that will explain it all, and will, I hope, help us to value time we have NOW rather than lamenting days or moments long gone by: