Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let's Play A Guessing Game!

The game goes like this:
Guess whose ear this is. I will give you three hints: 1) It is not mine, 2) It has gray hairs growing on the head above it, and, 3) It has gray hairs growing IN IT!!! YIKES!!! When did my husband start growing enormous, prehensile, thick, disgusting hairs out of his ears? It is no wonder he can't hear half of what I say!!! So, congratulations if you guessed. Even more congratulations if you can get this image out of your head while trying to sleep tonight! In some strange way, you can blame Ali Edwards...she wrote a book called Life Artist which led to the creation of this blog. Thanks Ali! Now, does anyone have one of those nose and ear hair trimmers. Eeew!

1 comment:

  1. It's early in the morning, I'm putzing around on the computer waiting for my kids to get ready for school. I think, "I'll see if there is anything new on the WOSO blog". The page loads and "OH MY GOSH, THERE IS AN EAR STARING ME STRAIGHT IN THE FACE!" What a way to start the morning =). Walt is such a good sport.