Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sheila's Art Therapy

It is my turn. Unlike Walt, who creates original art, I make crafts (meaning, I copy what other people do but don't have any original creative ideas on my own). I make cards for therapy, to forget how hard the workday was and to do something besides falling asleep in front of the TV. Besides, card making is not a precise art form...the layers and occasional crooked stamps lend themselves to a quaintness that is acceptable (I hope!). And, while I'm on the subject, I enjoy sending things the old-fashioned way - through the post office. There is something cool about getting mail in the mailbox, and something sad about losing the art of personalized, handwritten notes in the age of quick email and text messages. So, I will take a moment to engage in a shameless promotion: you, too, can make cards...feel free to contact me for a Stampin' Up! catalog and get started on your own crafting journey (money is tight right now, but you can make great cards for a small investment in deserve to treat yourself to some inexpensive fun). Here are some of the latest cards I've made (I mean, copied from others):

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