Thursday, March 19, 2009

Meet The Family

Here are our children:

1. Kurgan is the tubby one. She is so sweet and so tormented by the other cats. In the daytime, she barely fits in a basket that we got for Xmas, which she now owns and we can't put away. At night, she sleeps between our pillows and we keep her safe from the other cats. She is 14 years old.

2. Jameson is the smart one. I swear she was a human in a past life. She only wants to eat whatever we are eating, only wants fresh water from the tap, and has an amazing vocabulary. She was born in July 2000.

3. Hugh (real name is "Third of Five" from a Star Trek episode) is the old lady. We found her in a tree three days after we kept hearing meows. Poor baby. She acts like an old person and gets really mad if we don't leave the heating pad on low for her to sleep on all day. She is 13....going on 20.

4. Renfield is also 14 and is Kirgan's sister, but she is super skinny. She always has been. She is literally dumb as a post. Lately she has been throwing up a lot and we are worried about her. Ren can spot a fresh glass of ice water a mile away, and will be drinking it before you even sit down to drink it yourself.
(Picture of Renfield will be uploaded soon - when we get a good one (she is not that photogenic).

5. Nelson is about 4 years old. She was forced upon us (thanks a lot, Angela). She is mean as hell. We have come to realize that she has all of the symptoms of Asberger's Syndrome. Now that we know that, we get along a lot better with her...we know when she is receptive and when she is ready to kill us.

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