Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm Back, Baby!!

I guess blogs are becoming a bit passe, because everything goes onto Facebook so easily. However, Walt and I have really enjoyed posting our photos, art, and recipes on this WE'RE BACK! It seems we have 2 followers at the moment. Hopefully, that will increase. Check back frequently for yummy food, book reviews, and photos. Since we want to increase our impact, feel free to comment and share your own fun stuff. Here is a way to get you started: NAME ONE LOCAL RESTAURANT THAT YOU LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, BUT IS THE KIND OF PLACE THAT OTHER PEOPLE MIGHT DRIVE RIGHT PAST WITHOUT REALIZING HOW GOOD IT IS. My answer: El Charo in Cherry Valley, a store front in a strip mall that has GREAT Mexican food. Now, what is your answer??

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