Sunday, May 29, 2011

Life Intrudes

It has been a while since we have updated this blog. Life has a way of getting the way of your plans. The end of the school year is rapidly approaching. Mine ends Friday, Sheila's ends the Friday following. There are always a million things to do at the end, from getting final grades turned to making sure the classroom materials are properly stored.

It's a busy time, the month before school ends, but it's more than that. Blogging is only one of our creative outlets. We paint, scrapbook, draw, cook, journal, build models, and any number of related activities. That means that we don't always pay as much attention to this blog as others might to theirs. What free time we have may be devoted to other creative outlets than sitting here typing. If you have missed us, please forgive our reduced output and understand that there are other things that are taking our time.

If you continue to follow along, we will be posting some of our other creative endeavors here, so stay tuned!

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