Saturday, July 17, 2010

What We Did On Our Summer Vacation, Part 4

First, I have to say that we left our hearts in New York (yes, I know, that is a San Francisco song...but we really loved NYC). We had a WONDERFUL hotel...the Excelsior on W. 81st Street between Columbus and Central Park. We had a room on the top floor facing lower Manhattan, so you can see the pictures taken from our window (in the first picture below, our room is top, to the right, directly under the decorative part of the roof). The Excelsior was located across the street from the American Museum on Natural History, which was Walt's destination, so it was most convenient. The ball you see is the Hayden Planetarium. We spent a lot of time at the museum (that will be featured in the final set of pictures tomorrow), and took taxis downtown to see some sites and to find our favorite British restaurant - Pret A Manger. In the evenings, we walked Central Park to view the robins, the fireflies, and the Native New Yorkers. We also discovered a pizza place that was amazing - just picture a typical New Yorker saying "how ya doin'...watcha want ta eat" in that typical accent. We might never eat pizza in California again. The taste and texture of the Pizza Margherita spoiled us!

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