Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Dictionary Definition

Verb: Zoology. to spend a hot, dry season in an inactive, dormant state, as certain reptiles, snails, insects, and small mammals.

We are officially summertime hermits, and we love it! We sleep late (sometimes VERY late) and we wear sloppy, comfortable clothes. I put my hair into a funky pony tail each day and go without makeup or a bra (there, I said it!). We are loving this lifestyle, and don't even really want to venture out into the real world. While the myth of teachers having a whole summer off (we have a ton of prep work, some meetings, and only about 1 month away from school), we do manage to relax and do nothing a lot of the days. We don't even answer the phones (truth is - they are set to not ring so we don't even hear them) Did I mention how much we enjoy being hermits? We are nurturing our creative side daily. Here are my two latest cards, using the new paper colors from Stampin' Up! If you want a new catalog...email me! And, here is one of the projects Walt works on. The birds were actually finished before school ended, so he could put one into each teacher mailbox at his school. He made about 75 birds (does anal-retentive have a hyphen?) Check back later to see the 1970s era mirror he is making!! Oh, by the way, if you want to make your own birds (and lots of other paper models), here is the 3-eyed bear website where they came from: http://www.3eyedbear.com

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