Thursday, April 23, 2009

Do It NOW!!!

I had a friend named Gina. She was my age, we graduated from different high schools the same year, we got married the same year...the only major difference was that she suffered from a bacterial infection that caused her to lose both hands and both legs to save her life. She also lost her hearing and had a raspy voice. Despite her ordeal, Gina was a single, divorced mom, a college student, a home maker, a school volunteer...nothing stopped her or slowed her down. Her wheelchair could go faster than my car. She wheeled to the bank, the restaurants, took an lengthy city bus ride just to get to Walmart or the grocery store. She was awesome. I say "was" because Gina died on Christmas night in 2007.

Here is what I want you to take away from this story. I bought a rose bush called "Gina's Rose" to give her for her birthday on May 1st 2007. I didn't make time to get it to her for her birthday. I kept procrastinating and thinking I would get it to her soon. She died 7 months after her birthday and I still had that rose bush sitting on my front porch. She never saw it.

I guess, maybe, I am glad I still have it. It is blooming now, and serves as a reminder for several things: 1) stop complaining because no matter how bad you have it, someone has it worse, 2) have some courage and quit thinking what people say about you behind your back, 3) enjoy every day and every moment, and 4) you really should go to the people who are important to you RIGHT NOW and tell them...don't put it off.

I think Gina's rose is beautiful...just like her.

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  1. That really made me think....I think about Gina every once in awhile and was truly in awe of her. She was an amazing person.